FleetEye-Mechanization for railway mechanization

FleetEye-Mechanization for railway mechanization

Comprehensive monitoring of railway mechanization operation


  • Instant control of consumption and refuelling
  • Prevent theft and other unwanted fuel losses
  • On-line overview of the work performed by the machine
  • Clarify and facilitate the administration of the operation


The FleetEye-Mechanization system is designed for monitoring track mechanization. The FleetEye-Mechanization solution can be used on a wide range of track mechanization, from automatic machine jacks, to rail cranes, to two-way excavators. It allows their operators not only an accurate overview of the position of the vehicle, but also the operation of the engine, machine power, and fuel level in the tank, as well as other operating parameters

The FleetEye-Mechanization system is deployed on a wide range of track mechanization, for example, we present selected sensed parameters for automatic machine jacks:



  • GPS – vehicle position, time and direction of movement
  • Registration of the start and end time of each performance/activity
  • Internal combustion engine on/off time
  • Measurement of running time of internal combustion engine (operating hours)
  • Internal combustion engine speed sensing
  • Measurement of the fuel level in the tank – consumption, refuelling, theft, losses
  • Sensing of tamping activity and measuring of tamping time
  • Machine battery voltage measurement
  • Transfer of all data online via GPRS connection to the server


Benefits of the FleetEye-Mechanization system for dispatching:

  • Overview of the current state and position of machines in real time (distance travelled, position)
  • Capacity optimization (quantity and performance of deployed machines)

Savings and benefits of the FleetEye-Mechanization system in operation:

  • Overview of machine operation (consumption analysis, length of the undercut section, machine load, excessive idling)
  • Fuel savings (elimination of excess idling)
  • Control over refuelling and fuel consumption (theft, loss) and online alarm messages to selected users
  • Optimization of refuelling planning
  • Possibility of accurate evaluation of the work of the machine crew

Savings and benefits of the FleetEye-Mechanization system for maintenance:

  • Control over the technical condition of the machine (engine temperature measurement, oil pressure sensing, operating hours counter)
  • Prevention of major damage to the machine thanks to suitably set alarms by competent persons
  • Optimization when scheduling service and repairs

Benefits of the FleetEye-Mechanization system for controlling:

  • Possibility to evaluate the operation of machines in terms of their use (distinguishing downtime and performance)
  • Accurate order calculation
  • Fast and efficient evaluation of track mechanization operation for all levels of company management