Monitoring of railway rolling stock

Electronic devices/equipment for position monitoring, fuel consumption, and operational parameters of railway vehicles


Monitoring and its benefits

Rail and rail vehicle tracking through FleetEye does not only mean immediate checking and monitoring of the locomotive’s position. Thanks to sophisticated data collection and its follow-up in the form of practical outputs, the operator will be able to quickly and efficiently evaluate traffic for all levels of management and fleet management.
FleetEye system application:
  • an on-line overview of the current status and position of the entire fleet of rail vehicles
  • immediate control over fuel refilling and fuel consumption of rail vehicles
  • avoiding unnecessary disasters and thefts of fuel
  • elimination of unnecessary journeys and downtime of locomotives
  • overview of locomotive power utilization
  • use locomotives of adequate power-efficiency
  • checking the technical condition of locomotives
  • maintenance and repair savings
  • increased productivity and health & safety at work
The FleetEye system is fully designed and approved for operation on rail vehicles, and is supplied with approval according to the specific country’s legislation. The approval process is entirely within our competence, as well as the assembly, including the necessary certifications.

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