FleetEye-Rail for diesel-electric locomotives

FleetEye-Rail for diesel-electric locomotives

Get a comprehensive overview of the operation of your fleet

  • Immediate control of consumption and refuelling
  • Prevent theft and other unwanted fuel losses
  • Significant savings, due to the use of power-efficient types of locomotives
  • Clarify and facilitate the administration of the operation
  • Monitoring of more than 30 types of operating data…


The FleetEye-Rail system for monitoring the operating parameters and consumption of diesel-electric locomotives forms the basis of the GX LOCO product line. It allows the operator immediate and continuous control, not only over the position, but, above all, over the operating parameters and HDV consumption. It is a modular system that can be expanded according to customer requirements. The control unit reads data from more than 30 inputs on the locomotive, including probes in the tank, delivers it to the operator in real time, and enables partial and complex evaluation of locomotive operation, for all levels of fleet management in the company.

The FleetEye-Rail system allows monitoring

and evaluation of these parameters:



  • GPS – position and time
  • Current speed, maximum speed, distance travelled
  • Internal combustion engine on/off
  • Engine run time measurement
  • Measurement of engine running time in power
  • Traction generator power measurement
  • Measurement of energy consumption of traction motors
  • Idle identification with the engine idling, coasting, power driving
  • Fault identification (fault detector fault message)
  • Measurement of the fuel level in the tank – consumption, refuelling, theft, losses
  • Transfer of all data online via GPRS connection to the server
  • Engine coolant temperature measurement
  • Coolant freezing detection
  • Engine oil pressure sensing
  • Battery voltage measurement
  • Impact detection
  • Driver registration
  • Connection of a terminal for HDV operation


Benefits of the FleetEye-Rail system for dispatching:

  • Overview of the current state/condition and position of locomotives in real time (distance travelled, position)
  • Optimization of transport capacities (quantity and power of deployed locomotives)

Savings and benefits of the FleetEye-Rail system in operation:

  • Overview of locomotive power utilization (consumption analysis, machine load)
  • Fuel savings (elimination of excess idling)
  • Control of refuelling and fuel consumption (theft, loss) and online alarm messages to selected users
  • Refuelling planning optimization
  • Possibility of accurate evaluation of the work of drivers

Savings and benefits of the FleetEye-Rail system for maintenance:

  • Control over the technical condition of the locomotive (engine temperature measurement, oil pressure sensing, traction power measurement)
  • Prevention of major damage to the HDV, thanks to appropriately set alarms by competent persons
  • Optimization when planning service operations and repairs

Benefits of the FleetEye-Rail system for controlling:

  • Possibility to evaluate the operation of locomotives in terms of their use (distinction of downtime and power/performance)
  • Fast and efficient traffic evaluation for all levels of HDV control and management